About Us


The Ramsey Family Marketplace is a business idea that was conceptualized and birthed during the covid-19 crisis. During such a tumultuous time there was a call to action to support local small businesses in our communities, as we saw so many closing down due to the pandemic.  Our response was to create an online supermarket platform for local businesses to reach consumers in multiple cities and to provide unique ingredients and pantry staple items. 


We focus on small batch producers of pantry staple, non perishable food items.  Our market boasts a variety of seasonings, grains, snacks & ready made soups from African & Caribbean cultures so our inventory is always evolving with a variety of goods.  Over 90% of our products are made by women artisans, chefs and farmers, and currently 100% of our inventory is from people of color.  All of our products are hand picked, organic, & locally sourced.  We cater to all dietary needs including keto and plant based diets.  


Our mission is to provide our consumers with high quality and unique items to add to their pantry and kitchen staples.  We want to encourage healthy and clean cooking and provide a platform for foodies to discover new ingredients and cooking must-haves.  Our values focus on family, organic clean food, and sustainability.