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Dope Coffee 2oz Organic Guatemalan Pack Dripp Ground

Dope Coffee 2oz Organic Guatemalan Pack Dripp Ground

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2oz Organic Guatemalan - Full Medium Roast


Gotta be smooth and keep calm. Life creates moments where we pull our best together like Crispus Attucks did in Boston breaking chains and leading revolutions. When the world is on your shoulders, just be strong.


Our medium roasted Organic Guatemalan is simply delicious. This coffee has a very full taste that hints at Dark Chocolate and Apricot Blossoms. Exceptionally smooth for drip brew, pour-over and double-filtered french press. Expertly roasted by great coffee minds. 


Makes 3 cups of coffee.

Drip Tips

18.5 : 1 Water to Coffee Ratio

Brew Time: 3.5minutes

Pre-infuse coffee ground for 20 seconds to extract the best taste. 


Single Cup Instructions: 

15g Ground Coffee + 277g Water.


Nutritional Overview

250ml coffee - Serving Size 1 cup - Caffeine 95mg

Trace Nutrients: Fiber - Potassium - Magnesium - Antioxidants -  Niacin


Health Benefits

Rich in disease-fighting antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Functions as a pre-workout

Made in United States of America


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